Natural Cycle Distribution specializes in simple common sense technology. Although theses products can be used for competition, they are designed for real world, everyday use. Simplicity, affordability, and durability are key aspects of the products selected by Natural Cycle.

IRO Fixed Gear Products

This small frame and component designer is based in Middleburg, Pennsylvania. Known for single speed road bike frame-sets that last for ever, they also make components. A favourite of couriers and cycle commuters across Canada and the world, you will find them on fixed gear galleries everywhere.

Natural Cycle Distribution is the exclusive Canadian distributor of IRO products.

KMC Chains

The chain is the heart of the drive-train of the bicycle. It ties together the cranks and the rear wheel, often being the first to wear out. KMC chains have proven themselves through thousands of hours of use on courier and commuter bikes for riders of many different strengths and sizes.

Natural Cycle Distribution has the largest selection of KMC single speed chains in Canada.

Retail support

The best way to know if a bicycle fits is to ride it. Only a professional bicycle retailer facilitate this. It is very difficult to tell what level of quality a product has unless you can hold it in your hand. Natural Cycle Distribution supports our retailers by offering generous margins on our products, and buffer zones between each store we sell to. Technical product support, and fast tracked warranty claims are also provided to all retail clients.

Natural Cycle currently sells to the following shops in Canada:

Cavern Cycles
(416) 203-2565
179 Queen St. East
Toronto Ontario M5A 1S2

Full Boar Cycles
(250) 314-1888
310 Victoria Street
Kamloops British Columbia V2C 2A5

Le Grande Cycle
(514) 525-1414
901 Cherrier Est.
Montreal Quebec H2L 1J1

Mighty Riders
(250) 879-8705
10 East Broadway Avenue
Vancouver British Columbia V5T 1V6